How to get rid of hair fall

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How to get rid of hair fall cures for baldness what to eat to get rid of hair fall men. Female. and kids. they get hair fall and baldness more than men. different medication that [...]


Remedies for Dandruff Treatment at Home

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Remedies for Dandruff Treatment at Home Dandruff is such a word which many know it very well, they suffer from dandruff and let me tell you, more than 50% population, adult population all over the [...]


Best 5 New Weight loss Tips

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Weight loss: 5 new science-backed facts about weight loss you should know 1.Science-backed facts about weight loss When it comes to losing weight, there are some mantras that never go stale. For instance, maintaining a [...]


5 amazing home remedies for head lice

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Home remedies for head lice Lice are tiny insects that feed on human blood. Adult lice measure 2–3 millimeters in length and lay their eggs on hair, close to the skin. They can infest pubic [...]


CoWIN Portal Registration Started

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Coronavirus antibody enrollment measure on the CoWIN portal entry started today, permitting the overall population to enlist for the inoculation drive. The Government of India second stage incorporates vaccination of residents over 60 years and [...]