Nandita Swetha Akshara Movie

Banner : Cinema Hall Entertainments

Cast : nandita Swetha

Direction : B Chinni Krishna

Production : Suresh Varma Alluri, Ahi Teja Bellamkonda

Music : surech Bobblli


Akshara (Nandita Swetha) is a Physics teacher at a corporate school claimed by the yearning instructive business visionary Sanjay Bhargav (Sanjay Swaroop), whose fantasy is to set up a one-of-its-sort instructive center by mocking every single moral standard. (Sritej), a board head of the school, becomes friends with her and falls head over heels in love. Then, three bum young people (Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, Madhunandan) have been hoodwinked by their state president (Ajay Ghosh) that Akshara loves them.

The film is about how the strings including Akshara, Sanjay Bhargav, Sritej, a top cop, and the pointless men pining for Akshara’s consideration unite.


Chief B Chinni sets up the film as a semi-satire vigilante show. Short the parody track including Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh and Madhunandan, ‘Akshara’ would have been in the shape of a genuine retribution adventure with a lot of hyper-recognizable figures of speech. What’s more, dislike jokesters pulling all stops to stand out enough to be noticed of the most excellent lady in the province is an original thought. It’s as old as possible get.

The track including Sanjay Swaroop’s abhorrent character is genuinely OK. As the owner of a huge instructive realm, the entertainer looks persuading. We have seen him in guaranteed great uncle/great father jobs up until now and he is a disclosure in the part of a chilly, remorseless financial specialist. Perhaps, his subsequent innings will see him get projected in negative jobs.

Nandita Swetha, who has attempted to get another break after ‘Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada’ (2016), doesn’t dive into the job of a lively lady whose face covers the anger stewing inside her. She is a school instructor with a distinction, however she radiates sentimental vibes more than scholarly vibes. That likely could be her portrayal, however you expect non-clear execution from somebody who needs to end understudy suicides, scholastic political nexus, repetition learning and suchlike.


The exchanges smack of over-sensation. Rock solid words, for example, ‘Yuddham’, ‘Yagnam’ and ‘Poratam’ are tossed around. Furthermore, when the flashback starts, we are destined to find that it is as ridiculous as possible get. The cop rise shots are pointless. When the flashback is finished, the crowd would salivate at the possibility of the film reaching a conclusion.

Ajay Ghosh and the clownish arrangement of entertainers he is burdened with are disappointing to watch. Shivashankar Master is activated to make some obsolete satire around traditional moving.

Shatru plays a cop whose examination is loaded with escape clauses and is high on unnecessary style.

Harshavardhan sparkles forward in the part of a speaker who accepts that everybody should concentrate in government universities in light of the fact that Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya concentrated in an administration school and proceeded to turn into a legend. Quite possibly, ‘Baahubali’ ought to have been made on a careful financial plan on the grounds that ‘Nuvve Kavali’ was made on a tight spending plan and it had a 365-day run in the cinematic world.

The exhibitions are ordinary generally. Srikanth Aiyyengar is found in the job of a Minister. Suresh Bobbili’s melodies are sufficient.


‘Akshara’ is a predictable vigilante show that not exclusively is obsolete yet additionally neglects to stimulate the entertaining bone with its over-the-top parody.