C/o Kaadhal Tami Movie review

C/O Kaadhal Tami Movie

Banner : Shri Shirdi Sai Movies, Big Print Pictures

Cast : deepann, Vetri, Mumtaz Sorcar, Arya, Karhik Rathnam, Sonia Giri, Nishesh, Shwetha.

Direction : Hemamber Jasti

Production : Raja Shekar.M, Jeevan.K, I.B. Karthikeyan

Music : Sweeker Agasthi


In the wake of acting in widely praised and economically effective films 8 Thottakkal and Jiivi, entertainer Vetri is back on screens this time in Care of Kaadhal, the authority redo of acclaimed Telugu hit Care of Kancharapalem. With the promotions giving the vibe of a blustery sentimental performer, how about we see what Care of Kaadhal has available.


Set in Madurai, Care of Kaadhal starts with 49 year old lone wolf peon Palani (Deepan) who is savaged for being unmarried, and his interface with his bereaved unrivaled official Radha (Sonia Giri) transforms into affection. On the opposite end, there’s the school kid Velu (Nishesh), who creates preferring for his cohort Sunita (Shwetha). Joseph (Karthik Rathnam), a cohort experiences passionate feelings for a brahmin young lady Bharghavi (Ayra), and alcohol shop laborer Dhaadi (Vetri) begins to look all starry eyed at sex specialist Saleema (Mumtaz Sorcar). What befell these romantic tales, and whose affection succeeded is what is the issue here.


Vetri of Jiivi and 8 Thottakkal who had gotten bludgeons for his dull exhibitions in the motion pictures, has developed a far cry and has given an expressive, connecting with act in the film and is the most awesome aspect all. Mudhal Mariyadhai notoriety Deepan gives a noteworthy presentation with various feelings, communicating affection, humor and aching delightfully. The female leads Ayra, Shwetha, and Mumtaz Sorcar have given characteristic exhibitions inside the restricted degree they get, and Sonia Giri as the one who discovers love at a sudden period of her life, supplements Deepan’s presentation well.


Sweekar Agasthi’s experience score is liquefying, and his tunes gel well with the procedures. Cinematography by Gunasekharan catches the provincial milieu in a characteristic manner. Tight altering by Sreekar Prasad makes the film locks in.


Debutant chief Hemambar Jasti has picked to change a film that was named a religion exemplary by crowd everywhere on the world, and confronting the intense test of reproducing the film, the creator has nearly accomplished what he had expected to. Hemambar Jasti has made a nearly outline by-outline revamp, with even exchanges by Neelan generally being the ones in the first. While Kancharapalem was itself a character in the first, setting up the state of mind for the crowd, here, the film set in Madurai gives a feeling of history repeating itself, particularly with the lead craftsmen who couldn’t coordinate with the first, yet giving fine exhibitions. Hemambar Jasti has been capably upheld by the specialized group – quality music from Sweekar Agasthi, and first class visuals from Gunasekhar that make Care of Kaadhal engaging outwardly. All said, notwithstanding blemishes, Care of Kaadhal fills in as a blustery flick as it has its heart set up and makes the genuinely necessary enthusiastic effect as Hemambar bands his screenplay with the affection, the humor and social critique from the first curiously.


Decision: A blustery sentimental flick that engages.

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