Kamali from Nadukkaveri Tamil Movie Review

Kamali from Nadukkaveri Tamil Movie

Banner : Abbundu Studios Pvt Ltd

Cast : Anandhi, Prathap Pothen, Imman Annachi

Direction : raja Sekar Duraisamy

Music : Dheena Dhayalan


Kamali From Nadukkaveri – A Hurrah to lady power

Fortunately Tamil film is gradually introducing much more female-driven movies and some have even proceeded to taste business achievement separated from basic praise. The most recent one ‘Kamali From Naducauvery’ is one such endeavor. Will this fair endeavor inspire an emotional response from its intended interest group stays not yet clear.


Kamali (Anandhi) is an in addition to one understudy in a dark town close to Thanjavur who is somewhat of a clown. An erratic elderly person Arivudai Nambi (Pratap Pothen) living in an elegant house in the town is regularly Kamali’s objective and he attempts to find her in the act however to no end . In the mean time Kamali watches on TV an in addition to two clincher and succumbs to him immediately. At the point when he says in the meeting that he will learn at the lofty Indian Institute of Technology the beguiled young lady tries to get into IIT to pursue the man she had always wanted. Does the young lady who is a normal understudy beat every one of the obstacles and figure out how to enter India’s most desired organization and get her man or not is what is the issue here.


All things considered its Anandhi’s show as far as possible and however at first its somewhat hard to acknowledge her in the job of a secondary school young lady. The ‘Kayal’ young lady carries all her experience to the front nailing the variety of articulations required all through the film. Her best scenes are the point at which she understands who she truly is at the teacher’s home and afterward the resulting change in the grounds. Rohit Saraf as the object of Anadhi’s friendship looks enchanting and has done what is needed without a very remarkable glitch. Veteran Pratap Pothen in the substantial part of the young lady’s tutor has invested an earnest exertion and Azhagam Perumal as the gushing dad and Imman Annachi as the interesting educator have likewise worked effectively. The young lady who plays Anandhi’s companion is extremely normal and enthusiastic.


What works best in ‘Kamali from Naducauvery’ is the topic of the town young lady trying enormous for affection and afterward sorting her needs out as she finds who she truly is. The manner in which the connection among Anandhi and Prathap’s characters creates and how it changes the course of her life is quite successful. The Cindrella theme in the screenplay takes care of convincingly eventually. The test program that frames the peak is fascinating.


On the drawback the serious issue ‘Kamali From Naducauvery’ has is that the vast majority of the scenes appear to be stagey and it keeps the crowd from completely inundating in the screenplay. There might have been a more grounded portrayal for Prathap as he appears to helpfully exist to mentor Kamali. The scenes don’t unfurl naturally and the discoursed are spoken on signal which are deterants also.


The music by Dheena Dayalan, cinematography by Jagadeshan and the altering are quite nice. Abbundu Studios merit a pat on its back for empowering a fair film that has heart. Debutante chief Rajasekhar Duraisamy has written a decent story and has additionally injected a ton of smart thoughts in the screenplay yet his execution is a little crude.


Decision : Go for this respectable feel great female driven film that has a lot of high minutes

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