Kutty Amala Paul Tamil Movie Review

Kutty Story Movie Review (Tamil)

Kutty Story : Four offbeat takes on Love
Banner : Vels Film International
Cast : Gautham Vasudev Menon, Vijay Stehupathi, Varun, Amala paul, Andrea, Megha Akash, Amitasha Pradhan,Arya, Suhasini, Buji Babu, Sangita, Sakshi Agarwal, Vinoth, Kishen, Robo Shankar, Aditi Balan, Pradeep L, sugaranolbu Khan, Luthfudeen, Kirupa, Preethi, Parimala, Baby Hari
Director : Gautham Vasudev Menon, Vijay, Venkat Prabhu, Nalan Kumarasamy
Production : Dr. Ishari K. Ganesh
Music : Karthik, Mathu.R, Premgi Amaren, Edwin Louis Viswanath

Story Review :
The approach of the OTT stage has given producers the opportunity to recount stories without the pressing factor of the movies and crowd assumptions. So far the vast majority of these movies have been helmed by huge names however the outcomes have been blended. Does ‘Kutty’ story an assortment of four shorts associated by the string of adoration yet the eccentric changes pull the hearts of the crowds stays not yet clear.

‘Ethirpara Mutham’ is the principal story in ‘Kutty Story’ which is about non-romantic connections between a man and a lady. Gautham Menon stars as a moderately aged wedded man who at a local gathering educates his companions and his better half regarding his relationship with a school companion Mrinalaini played by Amala Paul. While his companions Robo Shankar and co feel he is concealing his actual affections for her and that a man and lady can never be companions he contends something else. Mrinalini additionally wedded flies down from the US to meet him and what comes to pass in the gathering is what is the issue here.

The Gautham Menon mark is all over ‘Ethirpara Mutham’ complete with truly flawless feeling, sharp looking entertainers, substantial portion of Peterish English and stunning camera work. He likewise scores as an entertainer and shrewdly gives Vinod Kishan a role as his more youthful self. Amala Paul is in her components as the school young lady and the developed divorced person who needs to sort the records out in her life. Robo Shankar is the ideal foil to GVM and fills in as the voice of the crowd in setting up the story. On the drawback the exchanges appear to be excessively plastic however GVM fans wont mind that.

The subsequent film ‘Avanum Naanum’ is about a school young lady Preethi played by Megha Akash who finds she is pregnant because of a powerless second with her darling. Her beau (Amitash) gets inaccessible after she gives him the news and her flat mate causes her to get to a specialist to discreetly cut short the youngster. A deplorable occasion powers the little youngster to take an intense choice and what occurs next structures the essence of the story.

Chief Vijay has dealt with the heaviest subject of four ‘Kutty Stories’ and in many parts has made the film convincingly. Megha Akash as the school young lady confronted with intense choices is appropriately cast and scores well in her scenes. Ayra who plays her companion Shruti is likewise powerful as is Amitash as the sweetheart. On the disadvantage the story might have finished right when Megha finds some solution for her pregnancy and after that the screenplay is extended twice to show up at an upbeat completion which has worked counter beneficially.

The third movie ‘Logam’ coordinated by Venkat Prabhu comes as a help after the initial two ‘Kutty Stories’. This one is about a gamer Adam played by Varun who in a game called Logam meets a female player Eve and is stricken by her. VP cunningly constructs their relationship through their symbols going past one level to another. At the point when Adam needs to affirm his adoration to the young lady and become more acquainted with her in the genuine her symbol kicks the bucket in the game and if he followed her is what is the issue here.

The VP brand of curiosity in narrating is by and by in proof in ‘Logan’ and that itself supports the watchers consideration till the end which has a bend finishing too. Varun has played Adam and has additionally voiced the symbol with no glitch and Sangeetha and Sakshi Agarwal own the peak. On the disadvantage the turn in the peak might have been drained for additional feelings and the open consummation doesn’t give fulfillment here.

‘Adalum Padalum’ coordinated by Nalan Kumaraswamy has his fortunate mascot Vijay Sethupathi as a working class spouse having an unsanctioned romance. The topic of the story here is the means by which men anticipate that their infidelity should be excused yet make an enormous cry if the female blunders. The individuals who appreciated the reckless villainy of Vijay Sethupathi in ‘Expert’ can infer significantly greater delight in his unobtrusive villainy in this short and its he who holds things along with his stalwart presentation. Aditi Balan in her second film after the pearl ‘Aruvi’ stands her ground against VJS as the violated spouse who hits back her man where it harms the most.

Nalan’s eccentric way of filmmaking adds to the fun of the last story and the wacky foundation score is in amazing sync with the visuals. On the drawback the scenes give the impression of being pointlessly long and the way wherein the couple settle their issue is unconvincing.

Vels Films International has bankrolled ‘Kutty Story’ with a first rate cast and team and its unnecessary to add that the specialized parts of the relative multitude of four stories are of the greatest quality. Despite the fact that the tales work inside themselves and are likewise genuinely captivating one can’t blame the crowds for expecting obviously superior to whats on show considering the large names included.

Decision : Go for it in this period of affection to appreciate four whimsical takes on adoration

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