Ninnila Ninnila Telugu Movie

Ninnila Ninnila Telugu Movie

‘Ninnila’, which is right now gushing on ZeePlex on a compensation for each view premise, is bankrolled by BVSN Prasad. Here is our survey of the OTT discharge.


Banner : Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra

Cast : Ashok Selvan, Nithya Menen, Ritu Varma

Direction : Ani Sasi

Production : B.V.S.N. Prasad

Music : Rajesh Murugesan



Dev (Ashok Selvan) is a culinary expert with stunning degrees of instinct. He works in a London-based eatery claimed by an elderly person (Nasser). His associate Tara (Ritu Varma) becomes a close acquaintence with him. In the blink of an eye, they wind up sharing their feelings of trepidation and separate stories. Nithya Menen’s character Maya enters the screen in a strange manner.

The remainder of the film is about how the Dev-Tara team tries for some degree of reconciliation with their individual pasts and starts another life.


Chief Ani I.V. Sasi is a novice. For a debutant’s film, ‘Ninnila’ is sufficiently ardent to intrigue the crowd and feel-adequate to be watched with satisfactory assumptions. Notwithstanding there being a misfortune and a heart-consume second or two, the film’s general state of mind isn’t extraordinary. It’s light on the crowd’s heart.

The film is basically told as Dev’s story. In any case, it ultimately advances into the narrative of Tara and Maya, as well. In London, Dev is fully expecting an inventive (?) life as a cook. Causing him a deep sense of stun (which he doesn’t make clear plainly), he is approached to do the cleaning position in the café. Then again, Tara approves of her assignments. The two of them stall out in chilly stockpiling, a night that changes their lives until the end of time.

The film’s luxurious pleasures are a unique component. The numerous food sources bring the crowd into its reality. This is a result of his magnificent culinary abilities that Dev is the place where he is today. Furthermore, this isn’t a commentary yet is appeared with the most extreme regard to food in essence.


There is a lovely thing about Nithya Menen’s character. Individuals call it dreamlike. Also, it’s dreamlike in a magnificent way. There is a peculiarity that ‘Ninnila’ wields with such a lot of certainty – to an invite impact. It helps that the film removes to a flashback after the stretch.

Nasser doesn’t talk a lot yet ensures we comprehend what he is going through. The equivalent can be said about Ashok Selvan, as well. The youthful entertainer, who must be pot-bellied for the job, makes you pull for him. The story behind his unexpected muscle fits has its own turn.

Ritu Varma’s character has got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While the portrayal isn’t over-the-best, one feels there was no compelling reason to show the female lead that way. Does Tara must have some ‘deformity’ with the goal that she doesn’t watch too strange inverse an unfashionable man whom most little youngsters would see as an exhausting uncle?

The most recent 20 minutes are natural and nothing feels constrained. Because of Rajesh Murugesan’s ambient sounds, which is pretty much as warm as the significant melodies, the procedures have a quieting impact. Divakar Mani, whose unmistakable skill for outlines is admirable, uncovers his qualities once more.

The exhibitions are among the greatest hits of the film. Nithya Menen’s saucy conduct is charming. She doesn’t seem as though a domineering presence in Dev’s life and that says a great deal regarding the wonderful composition. Satya, the joke artist, has a little job and his ‘gaalis’ to an English man are silly.



‘Ninnila’ is a deep romantic tale. It makes for a perfect watch with your family.

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