Rajendra Prasad Climax Telugu Movie

Rajendra Prasad Climax Telugu Movie


Banner : Kaipas Film Production House

Cast : Rajendra Prasd, Sasha Singh, Sri Reddy, Pridhivi

Direction : Bhavani Shanker K

Production: Kaipas Film Production House

‘Peak’, a homicide secret spine chiller, has hit the screens today (March 5). Here is our audit of the most recent BO discharge.


Vijay Modi (Rajendra Prasad), an industrialist-cum-film maker, gets slaughtered in the set-up of a star lodging. The CID presumes a lodging young lady, an inconspicuous saree-clad lady, a finance manager and a fourth character. Who executed Modi and what is their thought process? The response to this inquiry is found in the peak.


Author chief Bhavani Shanker K pens the film’s story, screenplay and exchanges, as well. He arranges the thrill ride as a parody, where the focal character is an eccentric man whose blemishes are boundless.

As the film starts, a young lady named Navya (Sasha Singh) is seen attempting to urge her beau to get a new line of work. In a similar city, she finds Vijay Modi and clues at pining for him, making the elderly person keep thinking about whether he is as yet alluring at this age.

More than the story, ‘Peak’ is about how the characters are set up. Vijay Modi is obligation ridden however is a passionate man who really focuses on his family. He is likewise a fallen lawmaker nursing his injuries. He is occupied with making foes constantly, showing up on TV to offer backward remarks against ladies. He is a gaudy womanizer who has reserved many crores in the set-up of his lodging, where he has been cooped up for a year.

At the point when Modi will go through a night with Navya, he enjoys some unfilled philosophizing, which is described as a rap. While he forms himself as a Vijay Mallya, he is really a satire. As far as we might be aware, he could give Sampoornesh Babu a run for his cash, meanwhile concocting strange thoughts like clothing with a zip.


While the arrangement looks inventive, the film is shortsighted with regards to managing the examination scenes. The CID acts like a lot of nitwits.

The film has a diverting arrangement of worn-out discourse on how free enterprise is really critical for the sake of meritocracy. There is likewise this idiotic cribbing about how Ravana is known as an evil presence despite the fact that he never contacted Sita while Rama is a legend who isn’t punished for banishing his significant other to the woods. It’s dazzling that a spine chiller that has got imbeciles passing for examiners has the nerve to remark unfavorably on an Epic. Be that as it may, at that point, this is Tollywood.

Rajendra Prasad assumes his part easily. As an inked elderly person, he makes his shocking character look charming. Prudhvi plays a phony baba, while Shivashankar Master is generalized. Sri Reddy, in a visitor job, plays herself. Sasha Singh has the correct looks and ability for the job.



‘Peak’ has an intriguing reason. Its portrayals raise interest. Nonetheless, with regards to the examination part, the film self-destructs.

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