In the midst of this COVID emergency, Raveena Tandon has been helping individuals out of luck. The entertainer has been effectively coming to give assets across Pan India in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency.

Raveena and her group have been in consistent touch with the police and NGOs to break the chain and work easily. As of late, Raveena reacted to a supplication by specialists at a clinic in Delhi for oxygen chambers. The entertainer shipped 300 oxygen chambers to

Delhi. She approached to help as the clinics are charging an enormous measure of cash for oxygen chambers and the ones who may not ready to bear the cost of them are languishing.

Raveena Tandon guaranteed that clinical assistance contacts individuals out of luck. She additionally helped late Pandit Rajan Mishra, however unfortunately he was unable to be saved. The entertainer in a discussion with a newspaper said dishearteningly that it is unimaginable what’s going on the present moment, similar to an end times. Subsequently, she is reacting to all demands that are coming day by day for oxygen units to oxygen chambers and oxygen concentrators through her companions and volunteers container India. She and her group are attempting to assemble all that could be within reach. All the while, one of her colleagues tweets, and when help is free, they connect with the individual in need so the person gets their necessity satisfied.

She further urged individuals to come out and help at this vital hour and pummeled the ones who are enjoyed the bootleg market of oxygen chambers. The entertainer said that she trusts that the bootleg market individuals are gotten and brought under notice as they like vultures benefiting from the country.