Sumanth Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie review

Sumanth Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie

Cast : Sumanth, Nandita Swetha, Pooja Kumar, Nasser, Jayaprakash, sampth

Direction : Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Production : Lalitha Dhananjayam

Music : simon K King


Gautham (Sumanth) is a traffic sub-reviewer who tries to get into the wrongdoing division to tackle wrongdoing cases. He discovers that the skeletal remaining parts of a family have unintentionally uncovered at a building site. At the point when he finds that the remaining parts are 40-years of age, he dispatches an informal examination with the assistance of a wrongdoing journalist named GK (Jayaprakash). In his excursion, he needs to take resigned SI Ranjith Kumar (Nasser) along.

Who murdered the family? Is the backstabber alive? In the event that indeed, what he is doing? Answers to these inquiries are generally found in the subsequent half.


‘Kapatadhaari’ is an authority change of the Kannada film ‘Kavaludaari’, whose story was by M Hemanth Rao. The to a great extent devoted revamp shows its hero as a longshot who ducks the framework and conquers all chances (which are amusingly negligible) in settling a homicide secret.

With whodunit-like wrongdoing dramatizations, the examination part must be strong. We have seen sincere police procedurals, for example, ‘HIT: The First Case’ as of late. The film under survey satisfies its mental self view to the extent that it adheres to the analytical track with truthfulness. Nonetheless, the equivalent isn’t rescuing enough.

Helpful composing is the sign of this film. Sumanth’s character finds one sign after another effortlessly. Maybe the wrongdoing didn’t occur forty years prior however four months/a long time back.

There is a heavyweight legislator who can be tested without breaking a sweat. He is there to likewise uncover his story at the perfect time, similar to antiquated reprobates used to do in films of a prior time.

Chief Pradeep Krishnamoorthy shows creative mind with regards to projecting Nasser and Jayaprakash for the parts of an ex-cop and a goal-oriented correspondent, separately. The team additionally gets some very balanced scenes with Gautham. Be that as it may, with regards to building tension or dramatization around them, the film flounders.

There is a film entertainer by the name of Ramya (Suman Ranganathan) and she is, best case scenario, a generalized character. The Chief Minister is a cardboard character. Like on account of the other two veterans, this character, as well, is recovered by the exhibition of the entertainer (Sampath Maitreya).

While the run-time isn’t excessively, the portrayal is either burdening or excessively shortsighted. The principal half’s flashback, driven by interminable monologic lines, keeps the crowd scratching their heads. It takes a return to of a similar story in the second half for the crowd to sort out everything.

Rasamathi’s cinematography is capable, while Simon K King’s pressure actuating foundation score is a major in addition to. The title track, which fills in as a topic, is heavenly.

Sumanth, who is definitely not an alien to genuine jobs, is persuading. He ought to have evaded those dating-by-parental-plan scenes in the main demonstration – for clear reasons. Nandita Swetha will play a mellowed character. Reasonable projecting is the film’s strong point.


‘Kapatadhaari’ is an analytical wrongdoing dramatisation that is a devoted change. It is an oversimplified police procedural that needs enthusiastic interface.

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