Amazing Home Remedy for Lice|Hair Thinning|Dandruff

Home Remedy for Lice, Hair Thinning & dandruff

Neem has been using India for centuries to cure scalp infections live dandruff and hair fall mean flowers leaves shoots bark and fruits have high antibacterial properties neem oil specially is a popular medicine to treat hair problems so let’s see how we may prepare neem oil at home we would need a handful of neem leaves I have taken around seven to eight sprigs of fresh neem leaves from my garden and wash them thoroughly you will also use the dry leaves and powder available online and also at Indian grocery stores I’m also using some holy basil or those leaves after neem Tulasi is another popular herb with great medicinal and antibacterial powers.

This is optional however adding them in the oil would enhance the effectiveness of the remedy here I have taken a fistful of fresh basil leaves and have washed their properly you may also use the dry ones tooth third ingredient would be 200ml of coconut oil coconut oil serves as an ideal base oil for the heat infusion method its molecular structure is suitable for absorbing other juices and a sense it easily.

Penetrates the hair shaft as well alternatively you can use sesame oil to prepare the oil the ingredients are required to be ground we’ll grinding will ensure maximum extraction of plant essence I’m using my kitchen grinder for it use very little water for grinding using too much water would make the paste runny the neem dulce paste is ready even this Punk auction could be applied in hair as a hair mask to get rid of scalp infection most brands sell this as a very expensive hair pack a heavy bottomed pan would be required for the heat infusion method please don’t use alight pan or the ingredients would stick to the base and charm heat the pan and pour the coconut oil remember to keep the flame on its lowest setting.

We have to infuse the natural juices into the oil and not burn them away once the oil is warm slowly add the knee menthol z paste don’t forget to keep stirring continuously there could be some crackling due to the water droplets in the paste so be careful the juices have now begin to separate from the leaves the oil is slowly changing its color keep stirring please do not cover the pan it’s been 15 minutes of slow simmering and the oil has totally turned green switch off the flame and leave the mixture for at least two hours so the oil is properly infused it’s been 2hours and the oil has cooled down it’s time to strain.

The oil using a dry clean vessel and a sieve slowly pour the oil through the sieve press hard to extract maximum oil from the residue I’m sure you can see how rich and dark the oil appears the fragrance is that of neem and coal see this oil is an effective remedy for hair infections like lies dandruff hair thinning and hair fall keep it in a closed container like soap away from moisture it will remain good for three to four months if stored properly massage the oil in your hair twice a week and leave it over night for best results .

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