Remedies for Dandruff Treatment at Home

Remedies for Dandruff Treatment at Home

Dandruff is such a word which many know it very well, they suffer from dandruff and let me tell you, more than 50% population, adult population all over the world suffers from dandruff.

This is such a disease, it is a sickness, sickness of scalp, such a thing that the flakes the fall on you, flakes on your forehead and you feel very terrible when you are with people around. People want to avoid wearing dark clothes because on dark clothes Dandruff flakes are seen very clearly, so the whole psychology, which is behind dandruff.

The person doesn’t like dandruff, person doesn’t like mixing with other people, want to avoid because that dandruff is bothering. Well let me tell you there a solution for every problem and the solution is there in yoga, but we have to understand first the causes of dandruff.

Dandruff is nothing but fungus infection. The fungus is called as malassezia. This is the condition of scalp, and here this fungus, its character is very clear, fungus feeds on the oil, these baceous gland are secreting oil all over and on the scalp also oil is there. So this fungus feeds on oil and this whole combination forms little flakes and these little flakes are seen outside. The point is we should understand that it is an infection it is fungus and the fungus needs to be removed. We should know how to deal with it. It is not a big problem, but it is a problem that definitely needs attention, because if attention is not given then you know what happens, of course hairfall, and along with all that other problems comes like pimples even on face, like acne, even pus cells are form, even boils are formed and person is not at all comfortable with all those things in the head. So we will have to deal with very seriously and we will have to remove dandruff from its root and so we will tell you how to go about this, because of this dandruff, person really feels scratchy and itchy all the time, it’s not a good feeling you know, so now since I have told you about the cause lets understand the other causes and so here comes

1. Oily skin basically oily scalp that is one of very big cause
2. When you feel oily you want to wash it very regularly very frequently, that’s how I watch people and which is so wrong it rather damage to your hair.
3. Tension and stress in any case
4. Weather changes and all that
5. Sweating, profuse sweating, I ve seen people the sweat from head downwards so badly that actually the sweat is flowing from the head down. All these things can be taken care off, with the help yoga. Proper circulation, proper hygiene proper management, maintenance. The hygiene of scalp is poor and that’s why what happens is infection, redness, pus, pimples acne and really uneasy feeling all the time.

Certain practices when we start doing, it is a sure treatment and the quickest treatment for this dandruff problem. So here are certain first we should do because a good circulation to head region means good health, good oxygen and relaxation would work wonders to handle any disease and so this fungus infection. So I would give you three asaana which would doing regularly.

First Asaan I would strongly recommend is Chakrasaan Where you are bending back and you are bending forward you are staying back in forward bent position for sometime where circulation goes very nice to head region.

Second Asaan would be Adhomukhsvasaan . That also is an asaan where forward bending is there and you are doing easily to handle your problem.
Third Asaan is Sarvangasaan It in any case is a head low posture and it helps head scalp neck shoulder, and it works wonder in bringing back to natural glowing health.
1. Hibiscus Flowers & Coconut Oil Mask :

Well, so let us take help from natural things which are around us to help us remove dandruff nicely. First, 5 to 6 Hibiscus flowers, see that you take these hibiscus flowers and boil them with little water and then blend them to make a paste out of that. Then use oil, coconut oil and with that make a paste, oil should be warm so that it mixes well. Now this paste we should apply on the scalp, nicely rub it and apply it on scalp and then leave it for one to one and half hour and then wash it with warm water .This Hibiscus flower and coconut oil, this combination works wonders as it is rich in content of amino acid and vitamin C. This combination really helps to strengthen the roots of our hair.
2. Fenugreek Seeds & Yogurt Mask :

Another thing which would help tremendously is fenugreek , that is methi seeds , so take some methi seeds, and have some yogurt, see to it that you add some curry leaves two three curry leaves and two three little amlas, complete amlas. All these things should be blend it very well. Now this mixture we are suppose to apply on our head and it is really really feeling comes on your head that it goes so very well. Keep it for some time and wash it with warm water. Now this is very good combination, rich in and high in vitamin C and it really would help strengthen roots, it would help removing the fungus and make your skin lubricated very well, because curd yogurt is a very good moisturizer.

3. Lemon Juice, Yogurt & Honey Mask :

Third mask would be a combination of lemon juice, yogurt and honey. All these 3 ingredients are so useful, mix them and apply them on your head and keep it for some time and wash it out. Now this observed that lemon it just removes the dandruff very easily, now the yogurt curd is rich in lactic acid, lactobacillus enzyme it has, and second is lemon which has citric acid and is honey which is a moisturizer. This combination really helps to remove dandruff.
Now there are certain things you should do, to help yourself further. Now people feel if they have dry skin they should put oil, now oil always spreads infection let me tell you, when there is an infection you should not put oil, but if you want to put oil for some other reason that you feel very relaxed, you feeling very fresh in your head, then you can put oil, remove that oil in one hour and don’t keep it for a long time.

Second try and see that you pull your hair, this hair pulling is very good exercise, it really helps circulation in the head.
Third take a thick comb and do back combing in the hair, back combing is a good exercise for the hair, that you can use your fingers also very often and move your finger on your head to see that flakes don’t stick to your scalp, this is how when you help yourself it would really help you and your health.

Well so understand problem has a solution and given a solution, so there is nothing should irritate you and affect you because if mind is week then nothing really works so try and enthusiastically use all these things and you will be free from this dandruff, it’s much much easier with the help of yoga.

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